[RASMB] IP4 suffix dropped by Windows98?

Michael Bovee mbovee at zoo.uvm.edu
Wed Oct 17 08:11:39 PDT 2001

Hi RASMBers,
Sorry if this is old hat, but for the first time in my experience 
(several years) the PC connected to our XL-I has begun dropping the 
'dot IP4' suffix from interference scans collected from rotor 
position 4.  Interferance  scans from other rotor positions are not 
affected, and other workers here have vague remembrance of seeing 
this behaviour before, and in fact mentioned that getting info on a 
file shows the information still there, just not dumped to the screen 
display.  When I ftp these files to my linux box the IP4s seem to 
reappear.  Apparently a Windows problem. Cause for concern?  Can I 
'fix' it?


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