[RASMB] correction: to URLS and IP names

Walter Stafford stafford at bbri.org
Mon Oct 15 16:35:33 PDT 2001

NOTE, to post a message: mailto:rasmb at server1.bbri.org

and to get info: http://rasmb-email.bbri.org/mailman/listinfo/rasmb

and help: mailto:rasmb-request at server1.bbri.org?subject=help

Hi RASMBer's,

	The RASMB email list server has been moved to a new computer. 
This move should be relatively transparent with the exception that 
you should notice a number of new features and improvements in the 
way the list is managed.

The header of this message will have a number of URLS that will take 
you to your list-server account management pages.

The RASMB message archive will be accessible from the list info page as well.

Unfortunately Borries Demeler is no longer able to maintain the RASMB 
archives at his facility; those older archives are now available, as 
mentioned in the headers, at


I thank Borries for doing a great job maintaining the archives for so 
many years! - from 1994 until now. His efforts have contributed 
greatly to the success of this group.

For security reasons, only subscribers to the RASMB list will be 
allowed to post messages. If anyone who is not a member needs to post 
a message, they should contact me.

The list of email addresses is also accessible only to members of the list.

If you have any problems accessing the list or posting a message, 
please contact me, and I will try to resolve the issue.

Walter Stafford

Walter Stafford
mailto:stafford at bbri.org
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